Note: To activate your UA Azure account, do the following:

  1. Go to
  2. Authenticate with your UA, uakron account
  3. Search for subscriptions in the azure search bar at the top
  4. Click on subscriptions
  5. Click add / the plus sign
  6. It will spin for a bit
  7. Select Azure for students as one of the offers (12 months, $100 credit, some bundled free services)

If you have issues, let me know. I cannot test this.

Week 13 Class 37 Wed Nov 18 Posted: Nov 18

We continue to explore Azure. This time, we have some Walkthroughs (i.e., labs) to perform. The training materials I have from Microsoft say to use these as demos (i.e., I would make a screencast) or labs. They are relatively easy to follow, and I think you would prefer running through them yourself.

The Walkthroughs and the Review Questions are direct from Microsoft. Not that educators are perfect, but companies tend to be a bit sloppier in training materials. Also, note that there is one best answer in the Review Questions and then on the Certification Exam.

Some of the walkthroughs require an RDP client to connect to Windows. For macOS, you can download Microsoft Remote Desktop.

Use the region US East. For me, many of the default regions were in Australia.

The instructions for the Walkthroughs all end with advice on deleting the resources. Make sure you do so as a) You don’t want to use up your allowance b) In some cases, you are limited in concurrent use of a type of resource.

For each exercise, there is a Brightspace assignment to upload a screenshot(s). The screenshot should verify that you went through the Walkthrough and got it running. Part of the assignment is figuring out what that would be. Multiple screenshots are allowed for each exercise.

Class session:

  1. Screencast: Module 02-1: Intro & Core Azure Architectural Components notes
  2. Exercise 85: Walkthrough: Deploy Azure Container Instances
  3. Screencast: Module 02-2: Core Azure Services and Products notes
  4. Exercise 86: Walkthrough: Implement Azure Functions
  5. Exercise 87: Walkthrough: Create a Web App
  6. Screencast: Module 02-3: Azure Solutions notes
  7. Exercise 88: Walkthrough: Create a VM with a Template

I did not assign all the Walkthroughs. The following are optional:

Screencast Folder: Class 37 Wed Nov 18

Exercise Due Date: 4 pm on Thursday, Nov 19