Week 13 Class 38 Fri Nov 20 Posted: Nov 20

Class session:

  1. Announcement:

    The Walkthroughs are on a live, active platform. There can be delays. If you find a step is taking too long (over 5 minutes), then you can stop and submit what you have with a brief note of what you had to stop on. Whatever you do, be sure to delete any resource groups or resources that you created.

  2. Screencast: Azure Module 02-4: Azure Management Tools
  3. Exercise 89: Walkthrough: Create a VM with the Azure CLI
  4. Exercise 90: Walkthrough: Create a VM with PowerShell
  5. Screencast: Azure Module 03-1: Securing network connectivity
  6. Screencast: Azure Module 03-2: Core Azure identity services
  7. Screencast: Azure Module 03-3: Security tools and features
  8. Exercise 91: Walkthrough: Implement Azure Key Vault
  9. Screencast: Azure Module 03-4: Azure Governance methodologies
  10. Exercise 92: Walkthrough: Create an Azure Policy

The optional Walkthrough for today is Walkthrough: Secure Network Traffic.

Screencast Folder: Class 38 Fri Nov 20

Exercise Due Date: 4 pm on Sunday, Nov 22