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  1. Announcement:

    IT here at UA is conducting the Certification Exam. They will conduct the via a VM from Centiport. IT reserves VMs from Centiport for specific time slots and a limit on concurrent test takers.

    The Certification Exam will take place during Finals Week. Your schedule and these many constraints make scheduling of this non-trivial. Our course assigned Final Exam time is Wed, Dec 9 from 12:15 - 1:15 pm. However, these do not align perfectly with when we can schedule the Certification Exam, and there may be a limit as to how many students can take the exam at the same time.

    Please do the first exercise right away, by midnight today (Mon Nov 23) at the latest, to figure out availability.

    Note that it will not harm your grade in the course if you do not pass the Certification Exam. However, you do need to complete the Certification Exam.

    The Final Exam is a take-home exam and will not have a specific class meeting. The only specific time that you need to be available during Finals Week is for the Certification Exam.

  2. Exercise 93: Availability for Certification Exam

    Complete first. Due by Mon Nov 23 11:59:59 pm at the latest.

    You can edit your response for a day or two. After that directly inform me via email of any availability changes.

  3. Exercise 94: Walkthrough: Manage access with RBAC
  4. Exercise 95: Walkthrough: Manage Resource Locks
  5. Screencast: Azure Module 03-5: Monitoring and reporting in Azure notes

    In addition to the notes for each screencast, the entire module is available in the Class Sessions

  6. Screencast: Azure Module 03-6: Privacy, compliance, and data protection standards notes
  7. Exercise 96: Walkthrough: Explore the Trust Center
  8. Screencast: Azure Module 04-1: Azure subscriptions notes
  9. Screencast: Azure Module 04-2: Planning and managing costs notes
  10. Screencast: Azure Module 04-3: Azure support options notes
  11. Screencast: Azure Module 04-4: Azure Service Level Agreements (SLAs) notes
  12. Exercise 97: Walkthrough: Calculate Composite SLAs
  13. Screencast: Azure Module 04-5: Service lifecycle in Azure notes

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Exercise Due Date: 4 pm on Tuesday, Nov 24