Week 14 Class 40 Wed Nov 25 Posted: Nov 25

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  1. Announcements:

    Today there is no screencast. What I have to show can easily be read.

    Note the special, extended due date.

  2. Announcement: AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals Certification Exam Format

    We are still working on assigning time slots. Here is some further information on the format of the Certification Exam.

    Study areas Weights
    Understanding cloud concepts 15-20%
    Understanding core Azure services 30-35%
    Understand security, privacy, compliance, and trust 25-30%
    Understand Azure pricing and support 25-30%
  3. Announcement: Azure Practice Exam

    I did not have access to these materials (slides, walkthroughs, review questions) when I prepared for the Certification Exam. I went through the Online AZ-900 Learning Paths (Scroll down the page until the “Two ways to prepare”), which you can consult for background.

  4. Exercise 98: Azure Crossword Questions

    As you go through the material and practice quizzes create questions and answers for an Azure Crossword. On the Google Form add at least 2 answers and questions for the crossword. Your question/answer pair must be unique. Try not to repeat any current answer, and if you do, you must come up with a unique question.

    One source is questions on the quizzes that you missed or terms you did not know.

    I posted this exercise first to keep this in mind as you go through the material, but I suggest completing it last.

  5. Exercise 99: Azure Module 02 Review Questions

    All module review questions allow multiple attempts.

    Yes, I did forget to assign this when we covered the slides (and already had it made up).

  6. Exercise 100: Azure Module 03 Review Questions
  7. Exercise 101: Azure Module 04 Review Questions
  8. Exercise 102: Azure Practice Exam

    After I went through the Online AZ-900 Learning Paths, the way that I prepared was through practice exams.

    See the separate post for information on how to access them.

    To verify your Practice Exam set up, submit a screenshot of a single question from the practice exam.

Exercise Due Date: 4 pm on Sunday, Nov 29