Week 15 Class 42 Fri Dec 02 Posted: Dec 02

Class session:

  1. Reminders:

    Certification Exam Your Certification Exam will take place at the time indicated by the available time of the Brightspace, Quizzes and Exams, AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals Certification Exam Time. You will not be taking the certification exam in Brightspace. Use this to verify your exam time. If there is an issue with the time, let me know as soon as possible.

    Exercises There are no more exercises in the course. I will post a crossword for the certification exam, but that will be review for the certification exam. Use any exercise time to work on the Final Exam.

    Project 3 This semester, you did much work in the exercises. I believe you did more work than in all the projects last time I offered this course. Therefore, I will count your Exercise score for your Project 3 score. I will also calculate your grade without the Project 3 score and assign you the higher score.

    Project 4 The certification exam counts for Project 4. If you take and finish the exam, you will receive full credit on Project 4. You do not have to pass the certification exam to get full credit.

    Final Exam See separate description below. Due Sunday, Dec 13 by 4 pm. Some of you are taking the certification exam on Friday afternoon, so I did not want it due on the same day. Of course, you can turn it in earlier.

  2. Screencast: Jenkins Docker Stages & Volumes

     # Add the user jenkins to the group docker
     $ usermod -a -G docker jenkins
     $ groups jenkins
     jenkins : jenkins docker
     # Change the docker socket to be in the group docker
     $ chgrp docker /var/run/docker.sock
     # Change the group 
     $ chmod g+w /var/run/docker.sock
     $ ls -lh /var/run/docker.sock
     srwxrwxr-x 1 root docker 0 Dec  2 03:24 /var/run/docker.sock

    Note: Your day and time will be different.

  3. Screencast: CircleCI Artifacts config.yml

The screencasts are short, and their are no exercises, so spend the rest of the time on work towards the Final Exam.

Screencast Folder: Class Wed Dec 02