Week 15 Class 43 Fri Dec 04 Posted: Dec 04

Class session:

  1. Finals Week:

    Certification Exam Time slot is the available time of the Brightspace, Quizzes and Exams, AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals Certification Exam Time. You will not be taking the certification exam in Brightspace.

    Project 3 Highest score of Exercises and without this project.

    Project 4 The certification exam counts for Project 4. If you take and finish the exam, you will receive full credit on Project 4. You do not have to pass the certification exam to get full credit.

    Final Exam Due Sunday, Dec 13 by 4 pm.

    I do not have specific Office Hours during Finals Week. You can contact me via Discord or email.

  2. Final Exam Technical Notes

  3. Screencast: End Notes notes

  4. Practice Crossword: Student Azure Crossword

    Created from the answers to the exercise. This is not an exercise, but for your own practice.

    Student Azure Crossword Answers

Screencast is short and there are no exercises, so use your time for Certification Exam practice or work on the Final Exam.

Screencast Folder: Class Fri Dec 04