T: DevOps October 29, 2018

“DevOps” is the name of a software engineering job (i.e., “DevOps Engineer”) which covers the process from the commit of code to a repository to that of being available for users.

Basically, “DevOps”, a compound of “development” and “operations”, is an approach to build and deploy software. Leveraging automation, it ties together version control, software testing, packaging, configuration management, and containers for continuous integration to distribute software updates frequently and with high quality.

DevOps combines version control (e.g., git), containers (e.g., Docker), continuous integration tools, systems administrations, ssh and ssh keys, program build tools, and installers, combined with software validation and testing.

The course will include the following (but not be limited to or necessarily covered in this order):

More information is in the (draft) syllabus on the course page.

3460:480 Software Engineering (SE) is a prerequisite for the course.

To enroll in the course, contact Ms. Laura Bonko (lmbonko@uakron.edu)