T: DevOps February 11, 2019

In order to access our servers, you need to be on the campus network. If off campus, this means on VPN.

The VPN client is forticlient. Once you use it, the “Vulnerability” Engine and Signatures (About screen) will update automatically inside the app. However, the client itself will not update automatically. To update the client:

  1. Download a new install from forticlient
  2. The name will be something like FortiClientOnlineInstaller_6.0.1.dmg (on macOS), FortiClientOnlineInstaller_6.0.0.exe (on Windows), etc. Ignore that.
  3. Install and you will get the newest version (currently 6.0.5)

For example, I know someone that was on v5.6.1.723. I was on v6.0.4. Since being on v6, it has disconnected and then reconnected (automatically) about every 5 minutes. Upgrading to v6.0.5 fixed that problem.

If you do want to see why you are crashing, look at the Settings, make sure logging is enabled, and export the log files. Mine showed that each crash was due to a malloc()/free() code bug.