CPSC 421-010 Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Spring 2024

Week 6 Class 11 Thu Feb 22 Posted: Feb 22

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Project 1

Code assumes unique attribute and value Issue

I repeat the text of this v1e issue here for those who did not make this assumption:

The code that counts the number of line comments assumes that the comment element is the only element that has the form: <… type="line">

While not verified, it is also probably the case that the code for counting the number of literal strings has the same limitation.

These elements do have these forms. But assuming this is true for all other srcML elements, current or future, is an assumption that is never stated or described. The choice is to describe in excruciating detail why this is the case, how someone could detect it, and what to do with their data when this happens. This requires forms that have to go to legal and be filled out in triplicate.

Another choice is to fix the problem.

I am not taking any points off for this issue. However, I expect it to be fixed. A few points to make:

Exercise 33: Utilities Notes: Utilities Feedback

Zero-Tolerance Policy

The following are fundamental design choices at the C++ level that we have spent more than enough time on. To make sure the message is received, any violations of the following will receive a 0 on the exercise, project, or test question:

For why we do not pass large objects by value, see the Benchmarks


Unless otherwise noted, exercises are due by 4:30 pm on Monday, Feb 26.