We covered the UML Use Case diagram in the Use Cases notes. We also talked about the written form of use cases, from casual to fully dressed, and even had a use case example in Markdown.

In your teams, take the use cases from your diagram and write full use case text. This includes any fields of the fully dressed that apply. Each Team Member must write two different use cases. If you do not have enough on the diagram, convert another User Story to a Use Case.

There is a GitHub Classroom team repository, Use Case Text for this exercise. It is empty except for a README.md.

The filename for a use case has a .md extension, with the filename based on the title. To form a filename from the use case title, capitalize all words and remove any spaces. For example, the "Copy a Style" use case would be stored in the file CopyAStyle.md. If you have any special characters in your use case title, remove them.

Since you are creating a new file in the repository, you will have to add the file to the repository. First, create a file with the proper name:

Add that file to Git, i.e., put that file under version control:

Commit the file and push:

Make sure to verify on GitHub that the file is there.

Now, you can add the markdown content and commit as you did in other exercises. Keep in mind the use of proper git commit messages so that your teammates can tell what you are adding.

If you are doing this on paper, you must email me a photo by the end of class, and add the file to the repository by 3:30 pm on Wednesday, Nov 8.